How does Xapo determine the bitcoin price and is my purchase price guaranteed?
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How does the pricing of bitcoin work?

As a market maker, Xapo sets its own prices to buy and sell bitcoin. These prices can be similar to those of other marketplaces, whether it be higher or lower. Prices may vary from time to time depending on the pricing criteria adopted by Xapo for buying and selling bitcoin. Users must analyze the convenience of accepting or declining the prices offered by Xapo before confirming their transactions.

What happens if the price changes while I'm making a transaction?

When you purchase bitcoin through Direct Debit, the payment is made automatically via an ACH bank transfer, and thus the price that you purchase for is guaranteed.

However, if you make your purchase through a Domestic Wire Transfer, you are required to complete your order by initiating a wire transfer directly with your bank. You are still guaranteed the price of your order, but you must make the payment within 24 business hours of the initial transaction in order to secure this. Regardless of any price changes that occur within this 24-hour window, as long as the payment is made within the time you will receive the funds agreed upon.

If the payment is made outside of the 24-hour window and the bitcoin price has increased, the amount of your purchase in USD will automatically be reformulated to the current bitcoin price. If no payment is made at all, your account may result in temporary or permanent suspension.

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