How do I approve a transaction initiated on a web browser with my Xapo app?

Right after sending a transaction request using the web browser version of your Xapo account, you'll need to confirm this transaction in Xapo's mobile app.


Go to Xapo's app using your Android smartphone or your iPhone and complete this pending transaction.



How do I approve this transaction using the mobile app?

You should receive a push notification on your mobile phone.

Tap the notification and log in to your Xapo account using your mobile phone. This will take you to the confirmation page.


If you haven't received any push notification, follow the steps below:


On your Android phone On your iPhone

Log in to your Xapo account using the mobile app.

- Go to your Chat tab

 Here you will find your account history, with the most recent transactions found at the bottom of the screen.

At the top of the screen, you will be alerted of any pending transaction waiting for your approval.

 You can now see a list of all pending transactions waiting for your approval.

- Select and tap a pending transaction to access the transaction details.

 Review and confirm your transaction

After you selected a pending transaction, you will be directed to the transaction authorization page.

At the top of your screen validate and confirm your request by tapping CONFIRM.

- To cancel this request, simply tap REJECT.

At the bottom of your screen validate and confirm your request by tapping Confirm.

- To cancel this request, simply tap Cancel Order.

After tapping confirm, your order will be processed and completed. 

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