How do I log in to my Xapo account if I lost my phone?

If you lost your phone or it got stolen, and you do not want to change the phone number associated with your Xapo account, we recommend you get a new SIM card from your phone provider, which should use the same number as your old one.


Download Xapo mobile app on your new phone and use the same phone number to verify your Xapo account.


If you recently changed your phone number or for any other reason you no longer have access to the same phone number associated with your Xapo account you'll still be able to change it for a new one.


On your computer using a web browser

How to change your mobile phone number using a web browser on your Mac or PC.

at the login page

  • Enter your email or mobile phone associated with your Xapo account.
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN




When you're brought to the 6-digit Second Factor verification page, click the Recently changed your phone number? link at the bottom of the page.



Change your mobile number.

Since your phone number is a key component to accessing your account, we need to verify that is truly you making this change.

  • Type your new mobile phone number




Verify your new mobile phone number

We'll send an SMS with your 6-digit phone number verification code.

  • Type the 6-digit verification code you received
  • click Verify Mobile Number to validate.




We'll send you an email with further instructions to change your phone number




Check your email inbox

  • Open the email sent from entitled Xapo: Confirm Phone Number Change and follow the instructions to change the phone number associated with your Xapo account.

In order to proceed with this change and keep your account secure, we'll need to verify your identity.

  • Click Proceed with Phone Change in the email in order to complete the process to change your mobile phone number.

Make sure to follow the steps to change your phone number within the next 5 days,
otherwise, the process will automatically be canceled and you will need to start over again!




We need your picture.

To change the mobile phone number associated with your Xapo account, we'll need to be certain that it is you requesting this change.




Take one picture in which these three items are clearly visible:

  • Your face
  • an official ID document that contains your name and photo (such as your Passport, Driver’s Licence, National ID Card)
  • and a unique 4-digit code given to you written on a piece of paper.

Please make sure to hold your ID and the handwritten code next to your face!


You'll only be able to upload your photo using a computer.
So make sure you open the email containing the instructions and send your photo from your computer.


Upload your picture and click on Confirm Number Change to complete your phone number change request.




Our team will review it and within the next 48 business hours you will receive an email confirming the process is done and you will be able to log in with your new mobile phone number!

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