How do I complete an order to add money for a bank transfer requiring a wire?

This is a continuation of the FAQ article: How do I add money through a bank transfer?

If you've received payment instructions to complete your order, you will need to conduct a wire transfer directly with your bank. Your payment instructions should provide you with three key pieces of information:

  • Payment Details: You will find the exact amount to transfer here.
  • Beneficiary Information: This is the recipient name and address where you will be sending your wire transfer to.
  • Bank Information: This is Xapo's bank information that will be required for you to complete your transaction.


We will reject the processing of your funds if they are sent from an account that is NOT in your name.

So make sure that the bank account is under the same name as your Xapo account.

  1. Make sure to send the exact amount owed (found in Payment Details) as well as any applicable fees on your end (your bank will notify you of any service fees they may charge).
  2. You must initiate the payment within the next 24 hours otherwise, conditions for this order may change without advance notice.
  3. There will be a significant delay in processing or even rejection of your funds (in which you will have to cover any applicable costs to return them) if they are sent from an account that is not in your name.
  4. Please include the reference code (found in Bank Information) if given the ability to write a note with the payment.

Wire transfers usually take up to 72 business hours. After Xapo has received the payment for your order, the funds will be released accordingly directly into your Pocket.

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