Can I receive funds back to my sending address?

It's important to understand how Xapo sends funds on behalf of our users to ensure that any refunds you are expecting back to you truly reach your Xapo account.

All wallet or vault addresses that are displayed within your Xapo account are receive-only addresses. Xapo uses a collection of Xapo-owned bitcoin addresses in order to send funds on behalf of our users. For that reason, Xapo bitcoin sending addresses are not designed to receive bitcoin for Xapo users. Any funds sent back to Xapo sending addresses will not reach your Xapo account.

Therefore, as stated in the section titled "Bitcoin Transactions" in the Xapo Terms of Use, Xapo cannot and does not guarantee that any bitcoin transaction reversed by a third party, and/or bitcoins sent directly to any Xapo sending address will be received by the intended Xapo user. If you are expecting to receive any funds back to your Xapo account, then you will need to give one of the Xapo receiving addresses shown in your account so as to ensure that you receive the funds!

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