To accept Add Fund requests from users, and before you show up under the list of available Tellers, you must have the funds you wish to sell in your Network wallet in advance. You are offering to transfer your digital fiat funds in exchange for physical fiat funds in your bank account when an order is opened with you.


To do this, we freeze the order amount in your wallet when a user opens an order with you. 

For example, if your Network wallet has 200 dollars you will only appear as an Add Fund option to users who want to load 200 dollars or less.


Alternatively, you can also earn by processing a Withdrawal Request. During withdrawals, you do not need to have funds in your Network wallet. Instead, you will send a transfer from your bank to the user's bank account and receive the digital funds they were withdrawing from Xapo plus a commission. Once the order is complete the funds will be available in your Network wallet.