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What methods are available to add money to my account? (U.S. only)
This article is designed for U.S. users only.
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As a U.S. user, you can add money to your account by either buying bitcoin or transferring in bitcoin you have in an external account. Once you have successfully added funds, you can load your Xapo Card to start making purchases, or safely store your bitcoins in your Vault.

Each option to add money has different transaction limits and processing fees and processing times, as these numbers vary depending on the bank or financial institution processing the payment. These are the available options:

  • Direct Debit via an ACH transfer
  • Domestic Wire Transfer
  • or through an external Bitcoin account

Direct Debit

Transaction limits: USD 1.00 ↔ USD 9,999.00
Maximum limits: USD 25,000 (monthly); USD 100,000 (yearly)
Fee: None

For transactions under USD 10,000, you can buy bitcoin through direct debit (via ACH transfer). Your payment will be processed through SynapseFi, our trusted partner, and requires you to link your bank account to make the payment. Please note that ACH transfers are only available from select banks.
Domestic Wire Transfer

Transaction limits: USD 10,000.00+
Fee: None

For transactions over USD 10,000, you can buy bitcoin by sending a wire transfer. This transfer is sent directly to Silvergate Bank through a specific set of instructions. These orders are only valid for a period of 24 hours after initiating the transaction.
Bitcoin Transfer

Transaction limits: None
Fee: Miner's fee

If you have any bitcoin outside of Xapo, you can add funds by sending it directly to your Bitcoin address.
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