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What are the requirements for my proof of address?

The proof of address you provide during the account verification process must comply with the criteria below. You can also review the requirements for your photo ID, which must also be submitted along with your POA.

Type of POA
  Utility bill
  Credit card bill
  Insurance bill
  Monthly bank statement
  Government-issued ID
POA Requirements
  Issue date less than 3 months old
  Logo of company/bank
  Full name matches user
  Display the full address
  Written with Latin characters
Not Acceptable
Type of POA
  Non-government ID
  Rent/lease agreements
  Pay slips
  Voter ID
POA Requirements
  Documents older than 3 months
  No logo
  In a family member's name
  P.O. Boxes
  Non-latin text without official translation

Please also make sure that the photo of your POA meets the following requirements:

  • Shows the entire document, without any parts cut off, folded or missing
  • Clearly visible, without any flash reflection
  • Unaltered original document, without any added text, comments or edits

In general, the better the quality of your photo, the faster the review process will be and the better chance they'll have of being approved!

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