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What is a Vault?
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What is Xapo's Vault?

A Vault is a savings account that uses cold storage in order to keep your money safe. Xapo's Vault implements deep-cold storage and has proudly become the preferred storage solution for many of the largest institutions and individuals in the world, and it holds the largest stores of bitcoins in existence. A team with over two decades of experience in international, financial, and transactional security developed the Vault, which offers advanced encryption and key management, multi-signature addresses, military-grade physical security (like Faraday cages and former military bases) and highly secure processes to keep funds offline and geographically dispersed across five continents. Our Vault caters to both large and small account holders who seek highly secure and diversified measures to protect their assets.

What's deep-cold storage?

Cold storage refers to the process of storing funds offline in order to keep them safe and inaccessible. However, the private keys associated with this process may be online and/or exposed to the internet at some time during the generation of the signing process, leaving a small window of vulnerability. Deep-cold storage, on the other hand, is a type of cold storage where not only are funds stored offline, but in addition, the system that holds the funds has never been online or connected to any kind of network. The private keys associated with that system were generated in offline systems, and the signing process of the transactions was also made in offline systems. The systems used in this type of storage never touch the Internet; they are created offline, they are stored offline, and they are offline when signing transactions.

So how safe is my money, really?

The short answer? The safest they can possibly be. When you move your funds into your Vault, we place your funds in a computer that never has and never will have internet access. We then encrypt all the data, segregate it into different chunks, and copy it onto external drives. Those backups are securely stored in physical Vaults in geographically dispersed locations. The Vault keeps your funds in total lockdown using layers of proprietary security protocol to keep your funds locked away in deep cold storage until you’re ready to access them. Security is our foundation and we believe security should be the focus for not only financial companies, but all companies. Without security, nothing else matters, and Xapo’s core focus has always been — and always will be — providing only the best security for our users.

Is the Vault only used for bitcoin?

While our Vault was originally developed exclusively as a bitcoin storage, we have since made the Vault compatible with storing your global currency, as well! You can now deposit and retrieve any currency you have in your balances in and out of your Vault, including bitcoin.

Well, it sounds like it costs a fortune.

Nope! You can create and use your Vault for free of charge. Create your Vault today!

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