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What are the transaction limits and fees to add money?
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Processing fees are necessary costs issued by banks and payment processing companies in order to perform transactions. The processing fee will always be disclosed to you when selecting a payment method before confirming your order. Xapo never charges any additional fees to add money to your account.

As each payment method is provided by a different company, each one of them has different minimum and maximum order requirements, as well as different processing fees. Please see the table below for a list of each method to add money to your account and the processor's respective limits/fees.

All prices are displayed in USD or its equivalent in a foreign currency

Payment Method
USD 250,000
Bank Transfer
(Local & domestic banks)
Varies [1]
Bank Transfer
(International wire transfers)
Varies [2]
Credit Card
(VISA / Mastercard)
USD 200
USD 20,000
USD 10
USD 10,000
USD 10
USD 25,000
None [3]
5430 satoshis [4]

[1] Local and domestic transfers are processed by different financial institutions which vary depending on your country of residence. To view the fee, you can do so by selecting one of the options displayed on your screen after selecting Bank Transfer as your preferred method.

[2] The fee for an international wire transfer is not collected by Xapo, but is instead issued by the bank you are sending funds from. Your bank will inform you of the exact amount required to wire the amount of your deposit, and any applicable fees will be collected directly by them. Please ensure that the amount of funds received by Xapo equals the amount of your order.

[3] People Nearby does not charge any fees; however, other users may include a small fee for their service.

[4] This amount is defined by the bitcoin network protocol, not Xapo.

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