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How do I approve a transaction initiated on a web browser with my Xapo app?

If you perform a transaction on the web browser version of your account, you will need to approve the transaction through the Xapo app on your mobile device. This is an additional layer of security we enforce to ensure your money is being accessed by you, and you only. This approval applies when accessing your vault or inviting users to a shared account.

You will automatically receive a notification on your mobile device. All you have to do is open the Xapo app and confirm your action on the screen.

Please note that if you are performing a transaction that involves a currency exchange, you will have 40 seconds to approve this transaction on your app once you have initiated the transaction. If you don't approve it within the allotted time, your order and rate will expire and automatically cancel. For all other transactions that require approval, you will have 5 minutes before it expires.

If the transaction is made on a shared account that requires approval from an account administrator, the approval time period will be increased to 48 hours. However, if this transaction involves a currency exchange, there may be a cancellation adjustment fee if not approved in time.

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