Can I use Xapo without a mobile phone?

At Xapo, we are constantly working to improve the security of our operation processes keeping the safety of our users' accounts as the main priority.

If you have not done it yet, you will need to download Xapo’s mobile App now available for iOS and Android systems to be able to log into your account and operate securely.

What new processes have been implemented?

Xapo is currently operating as a full app-based platform, therefore, we have eliminated the possibility of requesting SMS to access second-factor authentication codes or approve transactions.

If you relied on receiving your 6-digit second-factor code via SMS on your mobile phone, please note that this option is no longer available.

All second-factor authentication codes can ONLY be found in Xapo’s mobile app.

Why have these changes been implemented?

The 2-step authentication process is comprised of two things:

  • Something you know (in this case your memorized 4-digit PIN number);
  • Something you own, which is accessed via your mobile phone and much harder to get (a one-time 6-digit code also referred to as second-factor authentication code).

Sending your 6-digit code via SMS to your mobile phone was intended to verify you had access to something you own (your mobile phone). As it turns out, phone numbers can be stolen and sending a 6-digit code via SMS would only prove that you had the correct phone number, not that you owned the mobile device. That distinction makes it easier for hackers to steal your credentials and use them maliciously. For this reason, Xapo has implemented that users can request their second-factor code from their Xapo mobile app exclusively.

For security purposes, we strongly recommend that from now on you use Xapo’s mobile App as your only channel to operate with Xapo.

What are my options if I am not a mobile phone owner?

You will need access to a mobile device or a mobile phone operating system supporting Xapo’s app to be able to request the second-factor code, log into your account or send funds out.

We work extremely hard on the enhancement of our users’ assets security and we’ll make no exception in this matter.

If you have questions or inquiries please contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you!

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