For the breakdown of our transaction fees and the minimum amount required without incurring fees, please check out our bitcoin transaction fees page.


Currently, you have three methods for making deposits in your Xapo bitcoin wallet without incurring transaction fees.


Xapo Faucets

If you are a faucet user, first make sure the faucet website collecting your transaction is connected to an API that is fully supported and integrated with your Xapo wallet. When the faucet website transfers your funds to your Xapo wallet, that transaction fee is free. Otherwise, incoming transaction fees may apply.


We apply deposit fees for small transactions. For any deposits for an amount larger than the minimum required, will not be subject to any transaction fees. So before you make a deposit, make sure you have collected enough coins before transferring them to your Xapo bitcoin wallet.


You can find out more about our bitcoin transaction fees.


Xapo to Xapo

Transfer from Xapo account to another Xapo account.

Internal bitcoin transactions between Xapo accounts are not subject to processing fees.


Avoid small transaction as these are subject to transaction fees

Incoming transactions from an external wallet to your Xapo BTC wallet are free of charge unless you're receiving small transactions, in which case you will be charged a transaction fee.

So we strongly encourage you to check our fee page beforehand. Xapo will always update the fee as well as the minimum amount to receive from an external account without being charged.