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How do I change my phone number?
This article is designed for users who want to change their phone number and no longer have access to their current number.
If you have lost your phone but still have the same phone number, please use this article:

If you recently changed your phone number and need to update it to log in to your Xapo account, our Compliance team will need to verify your identity in order to ensure the protection and security of your account.

This process includes submitting a photograph of yourself holding your photo ID and a 4-digit code, which we will send you via email. The entire process will take about 48 hours to complete.

You can change your phone number using the web browser version of your account.

How to change your phone number using a web browser

1. Log in to your Xapo account.

  • Enter your 4-digit PIN.
  • Once you are requested to enter your 6-digit 2FA code, click New mobile number? at the bottom of your screen instead.

2. Enter your new phone number.

  • Make sure to select the correct country code.
  • Click Continue to proceed.

3. Wait for the 6-digit SMS code to be sent to your phone.

  • Once the verification code has been received, enter it on your screen.

4. Check your email inbox for a message titled 'Xapo: Confirm Phone Number Change.'

  • Open the email and click Proceed with Phone Change to continue.

5. Take a selfie holding the requested documents included in the photo.

  • Please only take a single photo including all of these elements:
    • Your face, which should be clearly visible
    • Holding an official ID showing your name and photograph (i.e. passport or driver's license)
    • Holding a containing the unique 4-digit code requested on the form.
  • Upload your photo by clicking Choose file.
  • Click Confirm Mobile Number to complete this process.
Once you've submitted your request, our team will review your photo within the next 48 hours. Once we've complete this process, we will email you notifying you that your phone number has successfully been changed. You will then be able to log in to your Xapo account using your new number.
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