Please note that the 2FA is a second security step built for your account protection enhancement and this cannot be removed. We suggest you activate the 2FA every time you log into your Xapo account.


The activation of your 2FA can be accessed from your Security Settings. These can be found by clicking on avatar on the top right-hand corner of your screen.



If this is the first time you activate your second factor authentication on your Xapo account, we’ll need first to verify your mobile number before we can enable these settings.



Once you receive your Verification Code you’ll be able to complete the procedure.

If you don’t receive a verification code, please make sure the SMS was sent to the correct phone number.



Once your mobile number has been verified successfully you’ll be able to confirm the Second Factor Authentication for all your future account logins.


On your security settings page simply click on “Require second-factor authentication for login” and save.



You have now enabled second-factor authentication every time you log in.


When you are asked for a second-factor authentication, you will receive your 2FA on your Xapo mobile app.