For security and convenience, you can only find your Second Factor Authentication 6-digit code directly from the Xapo mobile App.


Download the Xapo mobile App 

​​​​​​This application is only available for Android and iPhone    



On your Android phone On your iPhone 


 Log in to your Xapo account using your mobile phone (ID Verification may be required).

- Go to your mobile app Profile tab.

- Scroll all the way down and tap on Second Factor.



 This is where you’ll find your second-factor authentication code.

Keep in mind the 2FA has a 30 second expiration time limit.




Get your second-factor code directly from the Xapo mobile App!

You can download it from Google Play and App Store






For a complete step by step video tutorial showing you:

  • how to log in to your Xapo account
  • and where to find your 6-digit Second Factor code in your mobile app,

check out our video below: