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How long is my currency exchange rate guaranteed for?

Standard accounts:

If you are making any transaction that involves a currency exchange, whether it be a payment or a balance exchange within your account, your exchange rate will be guaranteed for 40 seconds. If you don’t approve the transaction within the allotted time, your order and rate will be canceled automatically.

Shared accounts:

If the transaction is made on a shared account that requires approval from an account administrator, the exchange rate will be guaranteed for 48 hours. If no approval is made within the allotted time, the account will be charged with a cancellation adjustment fee based on the cost for hedging the canceled transaction.

An estimated amount of the cancellation adjustment fee will appear underneath the transaction approval box. For your convenience, you will always have a 40-second grace period after your initial approval to cancel without any cancellation adjustment fee.

Please note that Xapo does not collect any profits from cancellation adjustment fees. You can find this information in our Terms of Use.

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