Now that you have funds in your fiat-denominated wallet, you can partially or entirely convert your balance into bitcoin.


To do this, you have two ways to initiate the process:

a. you can either buy bitcoins using your available funds or

b. you can transfer your funds from one wallet to your bitcoin wallet to convert your select fiat currency into bitcoins.


a. To buy bitcoins with your available funds:

You can click on BUY BITCOINS at the top of your main Dashboard.



or you can enter your Bitcoin wallet and click on Buy / Sell BTC and follow the instructions.




b. To transfer your funds to bitcoin:


 Simply click on Transfer at the top of your main Dashboard.




 Choose the amount you wish to buy

  • select the wallet you want to transfer the funds from and the currency you want to convert.
  • select the wallet you want to transfer the funds to. In this case, we'll confirm your bitcoin wallet as the receiving currency wallet.
  • enter the amount you would like to transfer. You can also select the amount reflecting either the total sending or receiving currency amount.




 Transfer Confirmation

  • enter your password (not PIN!) to confirm the transaction.


 Approve transaction using Xapo mobile App

  • confirm this transaction in Xapo's mobile app.

When a transaction is initiated via the web browser version of your Xapo account, you will need to confirm and approve your request in our Xapo mobile App.


All done! You have now purchased bitcoins!



For a complete step by step video tutorial showing how you can transfer your added funds to your bitcoin wallet, check out our video below: