How do I create a Xapo Wallet for my institution?

Begin by visiting and entering your email and company name. At Xapo, an institution’s wallet is always linked to at least one personal wallet, so if you have a personal Xapo wallet, enter the email associated with that account to add your institutional wallet. If you don’t yet have a personal Xapo Wallet, you will be asked to create one at the same time.


The creator of the wallet becomes the exclusive ‘owner’, with ‘admin’ privileges that cannot be revoked. The ‘owner’ should be a trusted individual of the institutional wallet, but should you need to reassign the owner, contact Your institutional wallet is below your personal wallet in the ‘wallet’ tab.

While your account is awaiting verification from Xapo’s compliance team, you’ll see a screen like the one below. 
Follow the steps in the email, and our compliance team will work with you to complete the verification process.
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