How do I grant wallet access to another individual in my institution?
An account ‘owner’ or ‘admin’ can grant members of an institution access to its wallet. Select your institutional wallet from the wallet menu. If you’re the account ‘owner’ inviting your first new user, select the ‘get started’ button in the ‘new wallet permission settings’ box:

After adding your first user, the ‘new wallet permission settings’ notice seen above will be replaced by a ‘change settings’ gear and list of users with whom you share the wallet.

In your institutional wallet settings, under ‘who can access this wallet?’ (as seen below) you will see all individuals with access to the wallet, and their various access and permissions. If you do not see this, you either are not the 'owner' of the account, or you don’t currently have ‘admin’ privileges. To invite a new user, enter his or her email address in the ‘invite’ box at the bottom of the page. You may cancel the invitation at anytime before the user accepts.


If the user you invited doesn’t yet have a Xapo account, they will be guided through creating one via the invitation email.


All permissions (‘admin’, ‘transfer’ and ‘approve’) are by default turned off for new users. Until you’ve enabled any access and the new user has verified their phone number and identity, users will only be able to view the wallet balance.

The ‘owner’ has unrestricted permission to delete and remove any user from the institution’s wallet.
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