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U.S. Xapo Card Update - August 2019

The Xapo Card is currently in beta testing and will be ready soon for all of our U.S. users! Here's what this means for you:

Current Virtual Card beta testers

If you are one of our current beta testers, your Virtual Card has been temporarily disabled while we upgrade your account for the new version of the Xapo Card. When everything is completed and ready, you will receive your new physical debit card 💳 in the mail and be able to hold USD in your account along with your BTC, allowing you to use your card in a waythat is simpler and quicker! Additional details will be shared with you soon!

Of course, your funds are still safe and available in your account during this upgrade process. However, if you wish to withdraw your funds earlier, just contact us using the link below this article and our team will help take care of it for you immediately.

All other U.S. users

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you! As we prepare to release our new and improved Xapo Card, we will slowly make the card available for more of our users all throughout the country. Stay tuned!

All other worldwide users

While we have already launched the Xapo Card in Brazil last month, we are already planning our releases in other regions. As always, we will let you know as soon as this feature becomes available in your area!

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