People Nearby - Completing an Order

How do I chat with another Xapo user?

To message another user, visit the People Nearby section and click on any of the individuals listed. This should open a chat where you can communicate with them.


There are many offers. How do I choose the best one?

You can choose offers based on their order amount, rating, distance and fee. You are free to chat with any user whose mix of these factors make completing the transaction convenient, safe and cheap for yourself.


There are no offers available. What happens now?

Offers are created and completed quickly between Xapo users every day. If you created an order and see no users to chat with, don’t worry! As soon as a new offer appears, we will notify you.


How do I receive more offers?

If you don’t see any current offers that you would like to complete your order with (or any orders at all), don’t worry! As soon as a new offer appears, we will notify you.


Can I complete my order with more than one person?

Yes! You can chat with and complete your order with as many different users as you’d like.


How do I complete an order through People Nearby?

To complete an order with People Nearby you need to first select and chat with users who can help you complete your order. You will see the list of available options in the Xapo chat section of the Xapo app.

Use the chat to communicate with as many users as you’d like and coordinate to meet them in person. Once the meeting takes place, the person adding funds will count and give their cash to the person withdrawing. The person withdrawing will then click on the $ button at the bottom of their chat and transfer the amount they received to your Wallet.

Once this process has been completed, both users will receive a confirmation in the chat that the transfer has been completed.


How do I know how much to give the other person?

When completing an order with another Xapo user, the top section of your chat will include a summary of how much you will pay and receive.


How do I confirm I’ve received my funds after completing an order?

When completing an order, the Xapo user who wants to add funds to their Wallet will give their cash to the other person they are completing their order with. The user who wants to withdraw funds will then transfer those equivalent funds via Xapo.


Both of you will receive the transaction details in the chat once the transfer of funds through Xapo has been completed.


I completed my order to add money to my Wallet. Where are my funds?

After completing an order, your funds will be in your Wallet in the same currency you paid in cash.


I am getting too many notifications. How do I reduce this amount?

We are currently working on a feature to give you the option to control notifications, which will be available very soon. Stay tuned!

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