People Nearby - Creating an Order

Why does Xapo need access to my location?

When creating orders with People Nearby we will show other Xapo users in your neighborhood who can help you complete your order. By knowing your location we can provide the most convenient options. 

As your security and privacy is always a priority, we will never share your exact location; only the name of the neighborhood where you would like to complete your order will be displayed.


Is there a limit on how much I can add or withdraw with People Nearby?

The limit to how much you can add or withdraw is dependent on other users in your neighborhood. However, you are free to complete your order in partial amounts with more than one person.


Is there a minimum required to add or withdraw with People Nearby?

There is no minimum amount required to create an order with People Nearby. However, other users may not be interested in very low amounts.

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