People Nearby - General Questions

What is People Nearby and how does it work?

People Nearby operates like a local classified. When you create an order we will show users in your neighborhood who are interested in what you are offering, be it physical cash or digital money.

For example, if you create an order to add money you will see all Xapo users nearby who want to withdraw. If you want to withdraw money, you will see users who want to add.

You can chat with any user you think is a good fit to help you complete your order. Use the chat function to coordinate a meeting. Once you two meet, you simply exchange funds and the transaction is complete!


Why do you suggest I use cash to complete my order?

Cash allows transactions to be completed without the need for a third party. This ensures that your transaction has no delays or bank fees and can be completed as fast as possible.

To help you do so, we provide a selection of verified Xapo users such as yourself who are also interested in exchanging funds. Chat with them, coordinate a meeting time and place, and complete your transaction.


Can I complete my order with People Nearby via wire transfer?

While it is possible to complete your order in your desired payment method, we highly recommend you meet other Xapo users in person and exchange cash. This guarantees that there are no delays or problems in the exchange of funds.

When completing a wire transfer, there is a moment where the funds are not in either your or the other Xapo user’s possession. This could be due to various reasons like processing times or banking delays, and it could result in added bank fees. By transacting in cash, you eliminate these obstacles and complete your order as fast and as securely as possible.


Can I create more than one order at a time?

You can only have one active order created at a time. If you would like to edit or cancel your order you can do so by clicking Edit at the top of the People Nearby section on your Xapo app.


Can I buy bitcoin through People Nearby?

Yes, you can buy bitcoins with People Nearby. This process requires two steps: first, you will have to add funds by exchanging with another Xapo user. Once the funds are deposited in your local currency wallet, you must click on Transfer, at which point you can choose to convert your funds to any global currency, including bitcoin.


How do I make money in People Nearby?

You can make money with People Nearby by helping other Xapo users who want to add or withdraw funds in areas with low activity.

To do so, visit your profile in the Xapo app and click on People Nearby Settings. From there, you will be able to set fees, as well as the amount limits you can process per order.

Keep in mind that when you charge fees you are setting an expectation of providing a high level of service. Users who want to charge fees but have low ratings will be removed from the program.


How do I charge a fee through People Nearby?

You can add fees in your profile settings under People Nearby Settings. Keep in mind that when adding fees you are providing a service for other Xapo users who want to add or withdraw funds in areas with low activity. Users will expect stellar service and will be stricter when providing a rating.

When helping users add money, you will give them money into their Xapo Wallet in exchange for cash. Make sure you are carrying enough funds in Xapo before meeting the user.

When helping users withdraw, you will give them cash in exchange for money into your Xapo Wallet. Make sure you are carrying enough cash before meeting the user.


Will I be in touch with the users after I complete my orders?

Yes! After you complete your order the Xapo user you exchanged with is automatically added to your list of contacts in the Xapo app. You can message them anytime, regardless if you or they have an existing order.

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