People Nearby - Safety Tips and Best Practices

What information can other users see about me?

When viewing offers, users can only see the following information for other users: first name and last initial, profile photo, and neighborhood where the order was created. We will never share your exact location. Once a chat is initiated, full names are displayed.


How can I view more information about another user?

To view more information about another user, you can click on their profile picture within your chat.


How do I stay safe while using People Nearby?

To use People Nearby, all Xapo users must verify their identity and residence. We also consistently monitor the platform to ensure that only reliable users are transacting.

While coordinating a meeting, we recommend meeting during the daytime in a place you are familiar with. Coffee shops, bank lobbies and shopping malls are ideal locations.


Can I complete my order with People Nearby without meeting the other user in person?

The best way to complete your transaction is by meeting other Xapo users in person and exchanging cash. This guarantees that your transaction is completed in the fastest and most reliable manner.

If you want to complete your order without meeting the other user, one of you must pay first. We do not recommend doing this unless it is with someone you personally know and trust.

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