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What happened to my Wallet and Pockets?

What happened to the Wallet tab?

Where you have previously found your Wallet tab, you will now be welcomed into the Account tab when you log into your Xapo account. You can now create multiple spending and savings accounts within this tab, and a default spending account has already been created and named "My Money."

You can easily perform all transactions within your My Money tab which are accessible on your main screen, whether it's adding, withdrawing, exchanging, or moving your money between different accounts.

What happened to all of my Pockets?

All of your previous default Pockets have been converted into balances, with each balance holding a different currency in your multi-currency account. All of these new balances can be found in your default spending account, which has been named "My Money." Any Pockets that had a customized name have automatically been renamed to the currency of the balance.

For example, if you are a U.K. resident who had three default Pockets in your Wallet (GBP, EUR, and BTC), you will now find those three balances under your "My Money" spending account.

But what if I had additional Pockets that weren't moved into my "My Money" account?

Only the default Pockets that came with your original Wallet were converted into balances within your new "My Money" account. If you had any additional Pockets, each of the Pockets were converted into a new spending account.

For example, if you had two extra Pockets ("ARG Pesos" and "Extra Bitcoins"), you should now have three total spending accounts: "My Money," "ARG Pesos," and "Extra Bitcoins."

Where did my Vault go?

If you previously held funds in your Vault, it has now been converted from a Pocket into a standalone savings account, which you can access by toggling between your accounts within the Account tab. Your Vault's name and sharing permissions have all retained its previous settings. If you did not have a balance in your Vault prior to the new app, it will not be migrated over you will have to create a new one.

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