What information do I need to provide to have a Xapo account?

Xapo aims to provide global banking services for bitcoin but is not designed to provide an anonymous service. Our users have the ability to easily transact, securely store, and even spend bitcoins with a swipe of a card - with such great power comes great responsibility! Find out why we ask for personal information.

Users will be asked for an official photo ID and a proof of residence in your name.

These are the minimum requirements for all customers. Xapo may have to ask for more information depending on certain risk factors, actions performed within an account (such as buying bitcoin) and/or to comply with applicable regulations in certain jurisdictions.

Users that do not want to comply with these requirements have the option to close the account and have the funds sent elsewhere. If worried about sharing your information with us, don't worry! Rest assured, all of your information is just as safe as your bitcoin!

We ask that you provide us with the supporting documents following the requirements below:


Acceptable ID documents

Driver's License, passport, or government issued ID.

Your ID should clearly display these items:

  • Your full name
  • Your photo in color
  • Your full date of birth (you must be 18 years old or above)
  • Issue date and/or expiry date
  • Identity document serial number
  • Both sides of the ID must be uploaded if the front side does not display all the necessary information
  • the document must be issued using characters from Latin alphabet, or be translated
  • Typewritten information. Handwritten texts are not accepted.




Any utility bill, credit card bill, government-issued ID card, or monthly bank statement

Your Proof of Residence should include these items:

  • Your full name
  • Your complete billing home address
  • Document issue date
  • Statement/expiry date must be within the past 3 months when you upload the document
  • Logo of company/bank must be visible
  • Images of partial, cut off or folded documents are not accepted
  • No PO Box addresses are accepted as valid addresses
  • The document must be issued using characters from Latin alphabet, or be translated
  • Typewritten information. Handwritten texts are not accepted.



Please upload your ID and proof of residence to this form.

Documents that don’t fulfill the requirements will be rejected.

You can explore in more details how documents are reviewed and the reasons why submitted documents are rejected by our Compliance team.




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