After submitting your documents, our compliance will start the screening process of your identity verification.

If following the completion of our review, we have determined that we are unable to provide our service to your account, the decision to do so will be based on multiple factors and for security reasons, we won't be able to provide specific details. 

However, the examples below will help you understand the most common mistakes to avoid:


The better the quality of your docs/pictures, the faster the reviewing process will be and the higher chances they'll have of being approved!


- The documents submitted are expired:

  Your ID has an expired date

  Your Proof of Address is older than 3 months


- Your registered username does not match the name on your ID and/or Proof of Address;




- Your documents are not issued using characters from Latin alphabet, they are not in English, or do not have a valid bilingual translation on it.

  Your documents will have higher chances of being approved if they are written in English and if you choose to send a copy of your passport as a preferred type of ID.



- Only send one valid ID in your picture. A Photograph showing multiple IDs will not be accepted. Choose your passport as your preferred type of ID.



- Send your ID and Proof of Address SEPARATELY. Do not combine them in one image.




- Your home address and/or name on your Proof of Address do not match with your registered Xapo account details;



- No logo on your utility bill document;




- Your original documents should not be altered or edited in any way (no added information, no stickers).




- We do not accept documents that have scratches, are manual editions, cut off, folded, are partially photographed, framed or zoomed in;



- No handwritten documents.




- We do not accept pictures not taken of original IDs or proof of addresses.

However, we accept electronic utility bills or bank statements received by email in PDF format. 



- No PO Boxes as valid home addresses.


- The information on your document is not legible, blurred or delivered with a poor resolution. In case of low-quality documents, we may ask you to try uploading them again.