There could be 3 main reasons why you have not received your transaction in your Xapo bitcoin wallet:


1. It is possible that your transaction is still pending

If you are enquiring about an incoming transaction, Xapo will be unable to track the transaction for you. Bear in mind that in most cases, incoming transactions would take a minimum of 6 confirmations on the blockchain before it is credited and available in your balance!


To find out the stage your incoming transaction is at, please inquire with the company responsible for sending your transaction as they will be able to help you and provide your transaction hashtag ID.


Alternatively, if you check the blockchain with the address in which you sent the funds to and match it up with the date, time, and amount sent, you can find the transaction hash ID. The blockchain is proof of payment and it will show you the transaction was truly sent!


The transaction hash ID will inform you of its performance in the blockchain mining process.


2. You have sent a cryptocurrency that is not supported by Xapo

Bear in mind that Xapo only supports BTC.


3. Incoming transaction fees for small transactions

Depending on the bitcoin amount received in your Xapo wallet, transactions from external addresses are subject to transaction fees so as to cover the transaction cost of the bitcoin network.


Bear in mind that for small incoming transactions, a transaction fee will apply and this processing fee will be automatically deducted from the respective transaction. So if the amount received is less than the applied transaction fee, your credited amount will result in 0 in your available balance. This can happen for instance if you are sending satoshi to your account in an insufficient amount to cover incoming transaction fees.

For example:

If you receive a transaction for an amount smaller than the processing fee for incoming transactions, then a fee equivalent to the amount received will be charged. In this case, the amount to be credited is 0.


The cost to process both incoming and outgoing transactions is continuously changing,
we strongly recommend always checking the latest information on transaction fees beforehand!


If you are a faucet user, first make sure the faucet website collecting your transaction is connected to an API that is fully supported and integrated with your Xapo wallet. When the faucet website transfers your funds to your Xapo wallet, that transaction fee is free. Otherwise, incoming transaction fees may apply.


So as to not lose any funds in the future, if you are expecting to receive small transactions to your Xapo account, we would suggest using another wallet service for these types of transactions or waiting until your funds have accumulated to more than the minimum amount that we allow without charging a fee!